[DIY] Foldable Mini Macro Studio

There are abundance of websites explaining details on how to DIY a Mini Macro Studio. Many of the mini studios found on these websites were constructed using cardboard boxes and tracing paper. Storage will then pose a problem when the mini macro studio is not in used.  Therefore, I'm planning to DIY a "foldable" mini macro studio. I've found a website providing details on a foldable DIY mini macro studio. I decided to make some modifications and create my own DIY mini macro studio.

Materials Required:
4x Translucent Corroplast (Corrugated plastic sheet)
1x Tape
1x Cutter
5x Velcro tapes (optional)
4x File Binder (For 2 different levels of backdrop attachment)
1x Hole Puncher
1x Backdrop

Most of the materials above are readily available in bookstores. I've got most of them from Popular Bookstore. This DIY mini macro studio cost only a fraction of those commerically available mini studios.

Step 1: Place 3 pieces of corroplast (in the portriat orientation) side by side. Tape the edges and rememer to leave a gap so that the stack up nicely when folded. These tapes act as the hinges and these 3 sheets will form the left, back and right panel of the mini studio respectively.

Step 2: Cut the 4th sheet of corroplast to an appropriate dimension. Leaving some space at both the left and right edge (for the velcro tapes later). Using a cutter, slit the top surface (be careful not to make a through cut) and bend the corroplast. These left and right margins will be used to secure the left and right panel of the studio in place. Adhere the velcro tapes to the top panel's left and right margin, as well as the corresponding location on the left and right panel.

Step 3: Similarly, using the tape as hinges, tape the top panel to the adjacent top edge of the back panel. Remember to leave a gap in between so that they will fold up nicely. Here you are, the basic structure is completed.

Step 4: Using a cutter, slit a groove on the back panel to allow the file binder to be attached in their appropriate location. Next, punch holes on the the backdrop using the hole puncher. Now the backdrop can be attached to the back panel using the file binder. It's done and ready for shooting!

Completed Foldable Mini Macro Studio:
Sample Images:

Photo taken with desk lamp on the right side.

Photo taken with desk lamp on the right, Flash gun on the left and onboard flash

If you would like to try out some other variations, you may wish to google for "DIY mini macro studio" or "DIY Light Tent".

Have Fun!!
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